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on being creative.

i never really liked when people called me creative. i didn’t know why, it just didn’t feel right. i always figured it was because i don’t think i’m creative, but a while ago i realized that i do think i’m pretty creative, even though i wouldn’t have admitted it back then. so it couldn’t be because of that. and i just realized that it’s because i’m not any more creative than the average person.

most people are at least creative with conversing, although making conversation doesn’t often get accredited with being creative. but i think that a person can be just as creative when coming up with how they’re going to make a good first impression on someone, engaging in stimulating conversation enough to keep the other person’s attention, observing the words other people speak and applying those observations very quickly to coming up with a response, knowing when to make the right (or when they’ve made a wrong) facial expression, perhaps coming up with some clever remarks or jokes, and then thinking of a polite way to end the conversation, as a person who draws weird monsters and shapes with a pen.

the only difference between me and anyone else is that i apply my creativity to paper rather than conversations with other people. which is why i’m so terrible at making conversation.

i wonder why people choose to call artists creative over anyone else. is making conversation not art just like painting or sculpting? art can be anything, and there are many different ways that people can be creative. some people put their art on paper, some put their art on a stage or in a movie, some put their art in infrastructure, some put their art into science, some put their art into musical notes called music, and some people put their art in their words. it’s all art.